5 Hacks To Cleaning Leather – Tip #1

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October 1, 2016
5 Hacks To Cleaning Leather – Tip #2
January 13, 2017

We all hate seeing a dirty arm or stains on your beautiful leather furniture.  At our Furniture Consignment store in Clearwater Florida we are challenged to maintain leather, new and old, in beautiful like new condition everyday. You love to keep your home looking nice imagine the level of detail that is involved in a 17,000 sq/ft showroom.  Needless to say we have picked up many tricks throughout the years. Here is the first of our top 5 hacks for keeping your leather clean!

1. Always use a white cloth to dust/clean leather furniture



It’s CRAZY to use anything but a white damp dust cloth to dust and clean  your leather; it keeps you from depositing color on the leather.  For example if you use a wet blue rag on a beige leather sofa you will deposit blue streaks. Now you have another stain to clean.   Dust your furniture completely clean, wipe it down with a damp cloth.


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